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Express222™ is the simplest, most cost-effective answer for eliminating the paper Form 222 and ensuring DEA compliance. This Web-based Controlled Substance Ordering System (CSOS) delivers all the benefits of electronic controlled substance ordering and fulfillment with some surprising differences.

The Express222™ solution provides critical CSOS functionality, delivering all the benefits of electronic 222 ordering. Its Web-based design for order processing provides the end-user a simple and familiar experience. It automatically scales to meet the demands of the occasional CII buyer and the frequent multiple-order buyer. Additionally, this patent pending design offers tremendous savings by eliminating the need for costly installation of hardware and software.

See how Express222™ can remove the paper Form 222 across the industry for:
  • Manufacturers
  • Suppliers
  • Wholesalers
  • Re-packagers
  • Reverse Distributors
  • Hospital Transfers
  • Testing Laboratories
  • Compounders
  • and Others.

Traditional software applications take considerable startup time to implement, many times lacking usability and scalability, and almost always require significant to extraordinary up-front license fees, installation charges, and ongoing maintenance costs. Legisym has set out to change this model for the better, by offering its electronic Form 222 solution as a service.

Our customers and their buyers can take advantage of ordering controlled substances on-line without ever installing software on servers or desktop computers. If you can access the Internet, then you can use Express222™.

As with many businesses, the relationships built and experiences shared guide us in our decision-making. At Legisym, we strive to continually improve our customerís experience and find new ways to connect with the industry. If this sounds similar to your companyís philosophy on customer satisfaction and growth, please ask us about:
  • Referral Programs;
  • Becoming a Value Added Reseller; and
  • PKI Technology Offerings.

Legisym, LLC is a high-tech application services provider specializing in the deployment of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) x.509 digital signature technology. Our current focus is on Express222™, which utilizes the PKI technology as part of the solution for eliminating the paper Form 222 from the controlled substance supply chain.

The three partners who launched Legisym have extremely diverse, yet very applicable, backgrounds for managing this lean organization. It is their vision to extend this innovative approach to digital signature technology to other business applications. Their expertise includes, but is not limited to, pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution, technology, software and applications development, data design, warehouse logistics, business start-up, accounting, construction, business consulting, Web-based application development, and more.

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